Step 1 Pharmanex Selection

Each ingredient Pharmanex selects for use has met strict standards for efficacy, safety, and quality. Pharmanex employs scientists at research facilities in Beijing, Shanghai, and Provo, Utah, who work full-time screening scientific journals, clinical studies, and historical texts in search of new ingredients to use in Pharmanex products. These scientists access a database of more than 5,000 scientific journals and clinical studies while their Chinese counterparts are able to tap into a collection of historical texts representing one of the world’s greatest traditional medical resources. Experts on Western health and nutritional science work closely with well-trained Chinese M.D. s and professors of natural medicine to select ingredients that will be the most beneficial.

After an ingredient has been identified for use, Pharmanex scientists collaborate with an extensive affiliate network to conduct laboratory and clinical trials to confirm ingredient efficacy and safety. Pharmanex research is at the forefront of nutritional science, receiving international recognition in clinical journals and scientific symposiums.

Step 2 Pharmanex Sourcing

Once Pharmanex has selected a particular ingredient like Reishi, samples are gathered from various areas of the world for testing gin our labs. Once the active ingredients and specific species are identified, our sourcing experts investigate potential commercial sources worldwide.

There are hundreds of factors that can affect active ingredients. These factors include weather conditions, nutrients or toxins in the soil, insects, crop rotations, amounts of sunlight, temperatures, and so on. Only quality ingredients that pass extensive Pharmanex criteria for authenticity, efficacy, and safety are considered. We test for density, moisture, heavy metals, pesticides, solvent residue, and microbiology such as bacteria, E.coli, and more. If there is a failure in any area, the entire shipment is rejected.

Pharmanex does not rely on vendors for quality assurance instead, every time Pharmanex takes delivery of a raw ingredient used in its supplements, a member of the sourcing staff goes to the location(s) to inspect the shipment. This involves traveling around the world to ensure the highest quality of every Pharmanex produce.

Step 3 Pharmanex Structure

Some companies make supplements that are actually missing the beneficial ingredients. Just because a product contains a particular plant doesn’t mean it contains the active ingredients that offer real health benefits. In some plants these benefits are available only in certain part of the leaf, harvested at a specific time of day during a particular part of the year. In other cases, the root or stem might contain the beneficial ingredients. For example, a nut can have many beneficial properties, yet it’s the meat that you want to use, not the shell.

It can take many months, sometimes years, to identify active ingredients and fully comprehend a molecular structure. Our scientists analyze these chemical structures not only to understand the active constituents, but also to identify any potentially unsafe compounds. Once these are determined, more tests help verify what levels of active ingredients are most efficacious. Then a “chemical fingerprint” is created to guide consistent manufacturing.

Step 4 Pharmanex Standardization

When creating any product it is important to be consistent in order to end up with the same product each time. Take a loaf of bread, for example. If baker decides to use different ratios of portions than the recipe calls for, then the end product will never be the same. Unless a company has a “chemical fingerprint” for its active ingredients, and pays excruciating detail to the manufacturing process, the product will be different every time.

Although wide variations in active ingredients are characteristics of most nutritional products, each capsule of Pharmanex product consistently contains the same amount of each active ingredient. This is achieved through strict (often proprietary) standardization processes that were developed though chemical fingerprinting. The end product is ensured to have consistent quality.

Step 5 Pharmanex Safety

Pharmanex leads the way in setting the highest industry standards for safe products. Through every step of development our scientists follow an involved regimen to ensure all ingredients are safe, and an ingredient that can be rejected at any stage of the process. For example, during selection certain natural chemical compounds in a plant may be toxic. If this is the case, scientists determine how these compounds can be removed, and if they can’t be, no matter how promising the product is otherwise, the project is rejected.

Safeguards like these during each step of the product creation process guarantee the safety of each Pharmanex product.

Step 6 Pharmanex Substantiation

Scientific testing at the highest level takes place for every product Pharmanex creates. Not only do we publish and conduct our own studies, we build on research conducted by our Scientific Advisory Board and other affiliates, including some of the most respected minds in science.

At Pharmanex, our product claims are substantiated by documented pre-clinical and clinical studies. Our adherence to documented proof, instead of anecdotes for substantiation, differentiates Pharmanex from other supplement companies.

When all the components of quality are in place, products stand up to scrutiny. Such is the case with Pharmanex. The unique convergence of traditional wisdom and the rigors of clinical science at Pharmanex are unmatched in the dietary supplement industry. Each Pharmanex product delivers highest quality and the results you expect. Every package. Every capsule. Every time.