• Elite Athletes using Pharmanex

    For over 10 years, athletes, trainers, coaches and the average Joe have been trusting Pharmanex® products—products that have been tested free of banned and harmful substances by independent laboratories. Pharmanex® products are manufactured with the highest standards of quality control to provide you with the same benefits from every batch, every bottle, every capsule, every time. World-class athletes, trainers, and coaches trust Pharmanex—and so can you.

  • Professionals in the Field

    Dr. Lester Packer, the world's foremost antioxidant research scientist; Lester A. Mitscher, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, University of Kansas; Carl Djerassi, Ph.D. Scientific Advisory Board Chairman, Professor of Chemistry, Stanford University; Barbara C. Hansen, Ph.D. A leading authority and lecturer on the relationships between overweight and diabetes.

  • Scientists

    Joseph Chang, Ph.D.President of Pharmanex, Michael N. Chang, Ph.D.Chief Scientific Advisor, Pharmanex Fellow, Carsten R. Smidt, Ph.D., FACNVice President of Global Research and Development, James Winter (Win) Duersch, Ph.D.Senior Director of Global Technical Services, Mark R. Bartlett, Ph.D.Senior Scientist, New Product R&D, Andrew T. Chiu, Ph.D.Director of Information Resources, Howard Sun, Ph.D.Senior Director, China R&D, Pharmanex, Richard Tseng, Ph.D.Senior Director of Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Jia-Shi Zhu, M.D., Ph.D.Manager of Clinical Pharmacology and Director of Clinical Affairs.