21 Minute F.I.T.™ Certified Coach using CoachTech™ tablet to supervise a member during a workout.

Our Program
No sweat workout, in your street clothes, with a coach!

No matter what your current fitness level (from couch potatoes to elite athletes, to Seniors who have never worked out before!), we can help you achieve and maintain a lifetime of fitness and health in just 21 minutes.

CNN reports "Convenience Fitness is really starting to catch on."

—Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Medical Correspondent, 3/15/04

The No-Sweat Approach in a No-Stress Atmosphere…

From the moment you walk in, you’ll notice the 21 Minute difference.Your brief workout sessions (done with a Personal Coach, in your street clothes!), fit easily and conveniently into your schedule, leaving you with plenty of time and extra strength to pursue your favorite sports and activities.

Not Just Another Fitness Fad… But an Innovative, Proven Approach to Fitness

Our workout is a fast, safe, yet highly effective workout! There are no treadmills or rows of aerobic equipment that leave you hot and sweaty. Soothing music and fans gently move air to create a fresh, clean environment. The workout ends before the member has a chance to break a sweat and most members state they cannot work out longer than the 21 minutes! And because our Personal Coaches monitor and manage your customized workout routine, you will be much more committed to keeping your set appointments and staying with your program.

It’s Fast, Convenient and Safe!

In just 21 minutes, once or twice a week, members of all ages and fitness levels (from seniors to elite athletes) experience a fast, effective and convenient total body muscle-strengthening program, under the supervision of a Personal Coach.

Our Personal Coaches Make the Difference!

Our Coaches personally supervise your 21 minute workout at all times. This ensures that you correctly perform our strength training method. The results are a consistent, potent workout that guarantees results!

Our Coaches use wireless handheld tablet computers with our proprietary software, CoachTech™. Your individual fitness file contains your workout session history, fitness goals and equipment settings at the Coach’s fingertips. This allows the Coach to accurately and precisely make all equipment adjustments for each individual member.

A Slow Paced Workout Assures Fast Results

The secret to the revolutionary 21 Minute F.I.T. (Fatigue Intensity Training) method is its deliberately slow motion and controlled movement of the weights. Moving at this speed is very safe and eliminates quick, explosive or jerking movements, and any chance of “cheating” by using the weight’s momentum…. Instead, your muscles do 100% of the work!

Interval Cardio Balances your workout

We cleverly incorporate a convenient no sweat cardio into your 21 Minute Workout! It's a technique that's been used for years by sports teams and athletes. 30 second intense bursts of sprint interval cardio training are part of your 21 Minute session. Studies prove that just 3 minutes of sprint interval cardio training equates to the cardio benefits of jogging one hour per week. Read more...

The History of Our Time-Tested Method

Slow, controlled, intensity-based training has been popular for decades. A pioneer of this method was Arthur Jones, the creator of Nautilus Equipment, who also created and developed the medical grade equipment featured in our studios. This equipment, typically not found in health clubs, is well suited for our specific 21 F.I.T. Method. The machines are quiet, compound movement machines designed to efficiently work multiple muscle groups.

Where Fitness Meets Technology

All workouts are scheduled by appointment…Our user-friendly web based appointment system provides set up, postponement or canceling an appointment from any internet connection in the world 24/7. This keeps you committed and guarantees no waiting…our members are reliably in and out in about 21 minutes.

The 21 Minute Difference

The 21 Minute F.I.T. method is a very different sensation from any conventional workout, and it’s so efficient. By working to muscle fatigue in each short set, members receive all the benefits of a full body workout.

Our Revolutionary Program Guarantees Results!

  • Increase lean muscle
  • Lose inches while shaping and toning
  • Burn body fat, 24/7 (even while at rest!)
  • Recover from injuries more quickly
  • Increase bone density
  • Reduce/eliminate body aches and chronic back pain
  • Raise your metabolic rate (for more calorie burning)

Who Benefits from the 21 Minute Convenience Fitness Regimen?

  • Busy people who want the most results from the least amount of time spent exercising
  • Competitive athletes seeking the next performance level with effective and challenging training
  • People recovering from injuries
  • Seniors exercising to increase bone density and maintain weight
  • Anyone who wants to increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat
  • People who have never joined a health club or who haven't exercised for years

In truth, everyone at any fitness level can benefit from low momentum/high intensity training.

Why Are Clients So Devoted to 21 Minute Convenience Fitness?

When asked, people say they prefer to ...

  • Stay in shape by exercising only 21 minutes
  • Achieve and maintain weight control
  • Maintain strength conditioning
  • Maintain a good physique
  • Enjoy the specialized supervision and attention provided by our fitness coacheS
  • Do not like "the scene" at conventional health clubs