21 Minute F.I.T.™ Certified Coach using CoachTech™ tablet to supervise a member during a workout.

Success Stories

The Family Who Works Out Together...

Having ballooned up to over 355 pounds, I was in a critical situation! The 21 Minute strength training program is the best thing that ever happed to me! It’s heaven not to wear workout clothes and not to get sweaty! Having a coach is a huge benefit for me; and I really like to schedule my own workouts. The whole experience is very comfortable; and best of all, I’ve dropped forty pounds of fat and gained fifteen pounds of muscle!

Lane R., Father

After my husband’s great results, I joined 21 Minute Fitness. I can already see changes in the tone and firmness of my body. My stomach is firmer, my flexibility has improved and I have more energy. I love it; and my dog is even benefiting because I take him on more walks!

Debra R. , working Mom

I really like working out with the coach, since he explains how to do the exercises and I get more out of it. As a result, I am able to hit harder in ice hockey and I enjoy more stamina and speed on the rink. I’ve also added 25 yards to my golf swing!

Tanner R., High School Student

More Testimonials From Other Satisfied Members....

“ I love the fact that I can get dressed in the morning for work, do a fast 21 Minute workout and go right to work! The best part about the program is the Coaches. The workout is short, but my body feels t otally spent right afterwards. Within a few minutes of recovery and stretching, I recuperate and feel really good.”

— Lanna A., Professor

“ I think the program is great! I lost 20 pounds in six weeks, using a nutritious diet plus my 21 Minute workouts, and I feel stronger and more fit.”

— Dore H., Chief Financial Officer

“I love my fast 21 Minute workouts! I'm a single mom, with two little kids and I hadn't worked out in years because I just did not have the time. The 21 Minute Fitness program totally reshaped my body; and I'm thrilled to have lost 15 pounds without really trying.”

— Holly S., College Professor

“I like the structure of having a Coach each time — it really keeps me on track. I've improved my strength, increased my muscle mass, lost 10 pounds and feel better too! It's a good way for busy people to exercise!”

— Beth S., Physician

“21 Minute Convenience Fitness™ provides a quick and excellent workout and the type of personal attention you will never get in a regular gym, unless you are willing to put out a lot more money!”

— Phil A., Human Resources Director