Members of all ages and abilities, including Seniors, work out in their street clothes!

Member FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about our program, technique and results.

Who benefits from the 21 MINUTE CONVENIENCE FITNESS™ regimen?

Unlike some fitness programs the 21 program is literally for everyone. From elite athletes to couch potatoes, from seniors to teens, males and females from all ages will get benefits from this program.

I am a woman and do not want to add muscle mass to my body, so why should I strength train?

As a group, women are most at risk for osteoporosis, decreased bone mass and degenerative diseases caused by lack of lean muscle. This is due to gender predisposition, social stigma and the fact that most women (and many men) are intimidated in the weight room. Our program is especially suited for women, our program produces toning and shaping without the muscle mass buildup of conventional programs…and it’s done in your street clothes!

Since it's primarily a strength conditioning program you probably have to have a lot of experience in weightlifting right?

No. The program is particularly appropriate for someone who has never done weight lifting or strength training before, including seniors or teens.

How can a conditioned athlete seeking a competitive edge workout alongside someone who has never strength trained before?

Depending upon your goals, you and the coach determine the intensity of your workout.

How is it possible to workout in street clothes?

Since you are moving weights very slowly, and the workout lasts about 21 minutes, you do not sweat. There is a moderate cardiovascular effect. Circulating fans are located at each equipment piece to gently move air.

Should I continue to do heavy aerobic or cardiovascular exercises?

Yes, If you want to. But don’t feel that you need to. There is a recent shift in the fitness world towards strength training. As the population ages, it simply is not beneficial to keep pounding our joints. More importantly, aerobic exercise does not build muscle, and muscle is what is needed for free and painless movement for all ages. Since your workouts will now only take 21 minutes…you will have time for walking, running or any of your favorite activities.

How does your program actually work?

We use the 21 F.I.T (fatiguing intensity training) method. Our method is an adaptation of a slow, controlled, full range of motion technique that has been utilized in strength training for decades.

What is the workout?

Members use this slow, controlled, full range of motion on each machine until the member can no longer move the weight. We call this reaching muscle fatigue. It takes about three or four minutes to reach fatigue on each machine. A typical workout will include about four to five machines in the 21 minute workout.

Why does this method increase lean muscles?

Working a muscle to fatigue causes the muscle to break down. Literally, tiny tears occur in the muscle tissue. During rest and recovery the body rebuilds the muscle. This is the only natural way for the body to build muscle.

Do you have a locker room where I can change?

There is no need to change your clothes. The workout is done in your street clothes. There are no showers, locker rooms or gym bags. You are in and out in about 21 minutes.

How long do I have to wait for my appointment when I arrive?

There is little or no waiting for your appointment. All appointments start at the top of the hour, 20 minutes past, and 20 minutes before the hour. All appointments are made over any web connection 24/7 at Appointments begin promptly at the scheduled time and your done in about 21 minutes!

How do I know if I'm doing the program correctly?

The coach supervises your workout at all times. The coach ensures you are fitted in the equipment and keeps track of all weight settings.

How do I remember all of the equipment settings and weights?

The coach uses our proprietary software program CoachTech™. The coach uses CoachTech™ on a wireless handheld computer at all times. The coach makes all equipment adjustments for you… you simply workout.

Can I do other activities between workouts?

Yes. You may want to go easy the day after your 21 workout. Otherwise, you can run, walk, ski, swim, your convenience.

When will I see results?

As with any fitness program, individual results will vary. Most members will notice results such as feeling stronger within the first few weeks. Others will notice a firming and shaping of the body from two to eight weeks.

How does your weight loss program work?

Strength training builds muscle, as you add even small amounts of muscle to the body it speeds up the fat burning metabolism. The more lean muscle versus fat on the body the more calories are burned even while at rest 24/7. Naturally, the success of any weight loss program is determined by the quality and quantity of calories consumed. It is important to have proper nutrition on our program or any fitness program. For nutrition guidelines we suggest you visit

What other results will I see?

Again, individual results will vary. Members report increasing bone density (medically verified) which can help combat osteoporosis, stabilizing blood-pressure and insulin levels, increased sleep quality, increased physical strength and mental acuity and increased energy levels.

I’ve heard weight lifting can cause injuries and can be dangerous. Is your program safe?

You should seek a physician's approval prior to beginning any fitness regimen. Our program is safe for nearly all persons. We use medical grade equipment and you are supervised by our certified coaches. All equipment is selectorized, there are no free weights. You control the intensity of the workout. Most members report fewer aches and pains in connective tissues that one typically associates with conventional strength training.

Do I need to stretch before my appointment?

Because of the slow, controlled movement your muscles move naturally through a full range of movement. This contributes to a gradual warm up of the muscles. When the muscles are activated during the workout this activates fluids surrounding the adjacent connective tissues, so stretching is not necessary before the appointment. We do have a very effective stretching machine that is best used after the workout when the muscles are warm and well lubricated. Also, recent research has confirmed that for the non competitive athlete many injuries are caused by stretching as are prevented.

Is it OK to do this program if I am a competitive athlete?

Depending upon your sport, this program is appropriate both on and off season. Many sports such as tennis, golf, swimming, mountain climbing, etc. require strength, but you spend most of your training time executing your swing, stroke, pass, shot, etc. It can be difficult to be a weight lifter and have an effective swing.! Our program assists you in building muscle without interfering with your technique. It is especially well suited for busy teens seeking a competitive advantage.

Is this program safe for seniors?

Anyone should get a physicians approval before beginning this or any fitness regimen. Our program is the safest method available for seniors. Much of the slow, controlled movement research studies where done for the benefit of seniors. Seniors are at risk for osteoporosis and, most importantly, it is now medical fact that lean muscle tissue can be obtained at any age. This is crucial for seniors whose quality of life is a function of their ability to have painless mobility.

What if I have an injury, medical condition or heart condition?

Always seek a physician’s approval before beginning this or any fitness program.

I notice you state once or twice a week, which is it?

Depending upon your goals, you can workout once a week, and many members do for maintenance. If your goals are more aggressive, you can continue on a twice a week program indefinitely.

I see that results are guaranteed. What’s your guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with your results after working out twice per week for 8 weeks, just let us know and we will fully refund all membership fees paid.

It’s all about safety, convenience and results!