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First of 4 Quick Strength Training Workout Studios Open in July

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., April 5; PRNewswire — 21 Minute Convenience Fitness(TM), a unique fitness studio headquartered in Walnut Creek, Calif., today announced the awarding of a four-unit area development franchise in Orange County, California. The first 21 Minute Convenience Fitness studio in southern California will open in July. All four studios will be up and running within 24 months.

The 21 Minute Convenience Fitness program offers the ultimate in "convenience" fitness, with guaranteed results. Members perform a short, total body workout once or twice a week in street clothes, supervised by a certified coach every time.

The first four Southern California franchises will be located in an area of Orange County and will be owned and operated by a member of the original Walnut Creek studio and his partners who live in Orange County. "I have been a member of the first studio since it opened over a year ago and am totally committed to the excellence of the convenience fitness concept," says Verne Murray, Executive Vice President with an international bank and securities firm. "As a busy executive I had been unable to fit workouts into my life, much less get results. I love my workouts and have gotten much stronger and fit as a result. We were very impressed by the franchise opportunity offered by 21 Minute Convenience Fitness and we are sure this concept will be a winner in Orange County."

The convenience fitness niche is one that is growing more significant every day," explains CEO and founder Greg Thurman. "Since members do a customized workout and are out the door and back into their day in just over twenty minutes, this program is really easy to fit into anyone's life. With the recent Surgeon General's recommendation of strength training for achieving overall health and longevity, this workout is easy to start and stick with."

21 Minute Convenience Fitness(TM) uses the 21 Fatigue Intensity Training(TM) (21FIT) method for its workouts, an adaptation of the slow movement strength-training program that has been endorsed in university studies for decades. Because of the slow range of movement, members do not sweat and workouts are performed in street clothes. It is not a circuit and each workout is customized for the member. There are no mirrors and the workout studio is a soothing, focused environment with only a few other members exercising at the same time for a non intimidating experience. The coach ensures a safe, effective, full-body workout and uses handheld computer tablet technology to accurately track performance and settings for each member.